Kenyon Hall Airfield Summer Fly-in

We are holding our Summer Fly-in at Kenyon Hall Airfield on Sat 26 - Sun 27 June

Members and friends are welcome to visit by air or road.

Please observe Covid rules and stay safe.


You could say that we had to make the best of a bad job when we opened on the Saturday as we were greeted all morning with rain and very low cloud.


Despite the poor weather conditions in the North West the Halloween fly-in at KHF was a great success.


Gail and Steve had put so much effort into getting everything prepared.


A total of 18 aircraft flew in over the two days and many more rang for PPR (from as far afield as Peterlee in the North East to the Isle of Wight) but were scuppered by our weather.


Visitors enjoyed a selection of hot food prepared by Gail and Steve and many entered into the spirit of Halloween by dressing in costume.

The ‘best dressed witch’ prize went to Marianne who flew her Tecnam into KHF for the first (and second) time.

Sadly the glorious summer weather also brought a cross wind to KHF. Harry J. flew in on Sunday but there were only a couple of low passes on Monday.

Steve G. later observed,” What we need is a cross runway at KHF”.

The merits of our KHF location are well appreciated however by an increasing number of members and guests who drive in for a social afternoon picnic at LAC’s expense. I noted yesterday that, when there are no a/c parked we have a wonderful grassy area for games. Next time i’m the ” duty beauty” I shall take my Boules or Bowls or even Stumps, Bat and Ball for a game of Cricket.

After another great flying day today, KHF will be open again on Sunday 11th September from about 10:30.

Please fly-in or drive.

LAC will be hosting their August Bank Holiday Fly-in on Sun 28th and Mon 29th August 2016

Everyone is welcome from about 10:30 onwards.

There will be food and drinks

The LAC committee and keen members work hard to give you something that you can be proud of.

Up to now we have only been open for the 28 days we were allowed under council rules BUT we have achieved a milestone in the life of the Club when we got the full planning permission to use the strip all year round.

To enhance operations next year we have put runway numbers down for you and here are the photos to prove it. Fly over and tell how visible they are but until we paint them WHITE they may not show too well.

Thanks to Steve Grimshaw and for opening KHF today.